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  • Anyone making a pie for pi day this year? N/T

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  • mariadnoca

    March 12, 2021 at 11:52 pm


  • mistral

    March 16, 2021 at 3:06 pm

    REC: Lemon pie in a graham cracker crust, whip cream on top. From Joanna Gaines via

    This was super simple! The filling by itself would be good to eat as a dessert; call it Lemon Silk or something like that?

    Sadly I made the mistake of buying a local So. Cal. dairy’s light whipping cream in a can. Won’t do it again. It is soooooo light that even when spritzed on the pie slices just before eating the cream fell apart. Will make my own whip next time.

    Also, as my lemons were just a bit green, the pie was a bit tangy. Next time I will use very yellow lemons or maybe a bit less juice or maybe both. This pie would be great using Meyer Lemons. The recipe could easily be adapted to other citrus such as grapefruit, limes, or blood oranges quite easily.

    Lemon Pie

    –Graham Cracker Crust:
    Vegetable oil spray
    1-1/2 cups crushed graham crackers (from about 27 squares)
    1/3 cup sugar
    6 tablespoons salted butter, melted

    –Lemon pie filling:
    3 cups sweetened condensed milk
    3 egg yolks (I used 4 yolks)
    2/3 cup fresh lemon juice (from 3 to 4 lemons)
    Pinch of sea salt
    (lemon extract: I used about 1/8 tsp)

    –Whipped cream topping:
    1 cup heavy cream
    2 tablespoons sugar
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

    Lemon slices
    Grated lemon zest
    Mint sprigs
    Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Lightly spray a 9-inch pie plate with vegetable oil.

    In a large bowl, combine the crushed graham crackers and 1/3 cup of the sugar and stir to blend. Stir in the melted butter until well blended. Press the cracker mixture onto the bottom and up the sides of the prepared pie plate. Bake until firm, about 8 minutes.

    Meanwhile, in a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (or in a large bowl with a handheld electric mixer), beat the condensed milk, egg yolks, lemon juice, and salt on medium speed for 4 minutes.

    Pour the mixture into the baked pie crust. Return to the oven and bake until the center is set when the pan is gently nudged, about 10 minutes.

    Cool the pie on a rack for 30 minutes. Place in the refrigerator until set, at least 1 hour and up to 3 days.

    Just before serving, make the whipped cream topping: In a medium bowl, with a handheld electric mixer, beat the cream, sugar, and vanilla on high speed until fluffy and the cream holds a soft peak when you pull the beater out of the bowl.

    Spread the cream on the cooled pie. Garnish with fresh lemon slices, a sprinkle of lemon zest, and mint sprigs.

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  • deb-in-mi

    March 17, 2021 at 8:18 am

    Sounds delicious!!

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  • marg-cdn2

    March 17, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    I’ll probably be making a frangipane. Not because it’s Pi day, since I don’t know when that is. But I have a load of ground almonds to use up. And I kinda like it.

  • mariadnoca

    March 17, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    I tried to make my mom’s chocolate cream pie for the first time, but it didn’t set up. However, that didn’t stop me from eating it.

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