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  • marilynfl

    August 16, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Hi missy,

    I’m in PA until October and don’t have my full recipes here, but can give you a head start:


    I made this exactly as is from the recipe. I did get super fresh hazelnuts just harvested from Oregon.

    ***Chocolate Genoise: Rose Levy Beranbaum’s CAKE BIBLE is brilliant, not only for her attention to detail, but because she provides small and LARGE recipe versions scaled up for wedding cakes. I following the wedding-size genoise recipe and made 5 half-sheets. It was my first experience adding “browned butter” and I followed her instructions blindly. Now I see that process used in every other dessert and savory recipe and think: ha, Rose had this down WAY before you guys.

    I followed her liquor moistening and jam quantities, but used Alice Medrich chocolate buttercream for the filling and frosting with 56% Callebaut chocolate.

    ***Carrot Cake: The base recipe was Silver Palate, but I made a few adjustments–mostly for cutting reasons:

    1. Steamed and pureed organic carrots rather than shredding them.

    2. Used pulsed preserved fresh pineapple (RLB brilliant recipe)

    3. No raisins

    4. Ground the nuts fairly small

    5. Omitted the coconut (tests showed they caught up when cutting slices…and I knew we’d have to cut over 300 slices)

    The icing was a blend of RLB and Shirley Corriher’s versions of cream cheese and white chocolate to sweeten. I think Shirley mentioned you could use much less butter than RLB used so I went with that. It piped beautifully.


    Purchased the puffs online (shipped from France). I think I used RLB pastry filling scaled up to ginormous amounts. Used Martha Stewarts microwave method to caramelize the sugar coating and to make the spun sugar.

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