Feta with olive oil and pink peppercorns


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Source: kpinky

*one block Feta cheese - best if about 1/2 inch thick. I like Mt. Vikos brand for its size.
*Herbs de Provence
*Extra virgin olive oil
*Pink (sometimes called red) peppercorns

Place the cheese block in a shallow bowl or small lipped dish.
Pat on Herbs de Provence all over the top with a few sprinkles around the dish.
Pour pink peppercorns over all liberally, crushing some with your fingers. Press the ones on top into the cheese. Have lots around the sides.
Pour EV olive oil liberally over all - enough so it's pooled.

Let sit out at room temp for about an hour before serving with little spreaders and plain crackers. I like the "Petit Toasts" best, or water crackers. Petit Toasts look like little tiny slices of bread and come in a cellophane wrap. Make sure you get all components on your cracker. It's so addicting!! The most wonderful combination of flavors. You may have to add a bit more oil if, halfway through, if it's running out.

Sylvia's note: For ease in serving provide both a knife and spoon. This appetizer provides tremendous bang for so little prep time.
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