Deb, your onion tarts.....once again


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I served the tarts again and 3 people hovered around them sucking up 1 dozen. Before dinner. I did put a bit of French thyme in this time and I think it's an addition that works. I prepared the shells and chilled them. Then prepared the filling and chilled it. Then filled the shells and put the entire pan into the freezer until the next day and baked about 1/2 hour after removing from the freezer. No soggy bottoms, just delicious. Everyone ordered them again for next time. Thank you again. So so so easy. I loved to do 6-7 course meals when I had a husband to run this and that and chop and all the rest. But I need shortcuts now and this one really does it for me.
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I'm so glad that this is a hit for you and guests. I haven't made them in ages and certainly must do so soon!