Happy Thanksgiving


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Wishing everyone a very healthy and Happy Thanksgiving! After COVID, it is good to be socializing. This year, I am cooking a small, basic Thanksgiving lunch for a few friends. I have much to be thankful this year and hope the same for you. IMG_4380.jpeg


Happy Thanksgiving! šŸ¦ƒ

What a lovely table! This year the sil who normally has tg went silent (i expect after all the wedding events she hosted and being maid of honor to her sister a few weeks ago did her in). So since Iā€™ll be on my own I decided to keep it simple. Lobster Ravioli with Alfredo sauce and a cesar salad with a glass of bubbly. I tried to talk myself into making something more traditional, but just didnā€™t want to.


Oh Ernie, what a lovely table setting! Truly, magazine level.

I'm heading over to the neighbors (or not...have a bad ear-ache and scratchy throat, so perhaps not). But I'm making Southern Living Rice with Broccoli and Cheese (thanks GayR!) and a cherry pie from Whole Foods. I'm surprised (and grateful) at how good their crust is. In the midst of GBH creation, so kitchen/living room/spare room is a disaster zone and baking would not work right now.

A blessed Thanksgiving to everyone. Hug the ones you can. Say a prayer for those you can't.


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Beautiful table setting! Wishing everyone a wonderful, meaningful Thanksgiving. Marilyn, I hope you feel better fast and don't have the flu/Covid.

The feast is here but my mom's caregiver is actually making the turkey and bringing it over. I have enough starches and veggies and desserts to sink a ship (there are only 10 of us. I'll be in a coma by 7:)


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At the beach and it smells SO good in here!! All the usual suspects--turkey, stuffing, gravy, creamed corn, scalloped oysters, DD making butternut squash gratin. Butter beans, pecan pie.
Last night was shrimp and grits and tomorrow will be crab cakes.