So cute I had to share…


I just got a call from a New York number. I almost didn’t answer, but since I never get robo calls on my cell I wanted to find out if I’m now on some dreaded list, so I picked up. I had to say hello twice. A sure sign, so I waited for the robo voice. Instead I got this squeaky voice that took me a second to process. This wasn’t a robo voice…what the heck is this? At the last second I figured out… ”I’m a friend of (the twins nextdoor)“ Oh! A little kid! Okaaay? “And they said they didn’t have baking powder but I should ask you.” Apparently, I’m now the kingpin dealer of neighborhood baking supplies!! So after a bit of discussion we determined he really needed powdered sugar. (You need half a cup of baking powder?) of course I have it on hand, because I actually am the kingpin of baking pantry supplies. So, after he assured me he would come to me, even though it’s dark, I opened the door to a smiling kid of about 7. He then told me all about the muffins he was making for a school project tomorrow that said it needed icing. I handed him a ziploc containing a cup of powdered sugar to make sure he had enough. So now I’ve officially had someone come to my door and ask for a cup of sugar, and found out I’m on the shared neighborhood kid hotline of where to go for baking supplies. 🤣🤣🤣
what an delightful little story...thank you, Maria, for making me not regret logging in to read the (depressing) news of the world.
Bakers Unite! Make the World a Little Sweeter One Muffin at a Time!
He was simply adorable! He‘s one of those kids that you can tell is really struggling with their shyness, but you say one nice thing to them, and their whole face lights up. I’m so proud that at seven years old he was able to call me, by himself, and ask.