Update: Gochujang Potato Stew


Made this last night and enjoyed it very much. I didn't bother with the rice or sour cream and may have over-salted it a tad.
Basically, I used what I bought back in mid-January after posting the recipe:
  • boxed chicken broth (2.5 cups)
  • 1 tsp Better than Broth chicken concentrate (this is what over-salted it)
  • canned navy beans
  • half a bunch of kale (the other half died a lonely death, waiting to be used)
  • huge onion (half was supposed to go for pierogies, but never made it)
  • 6 TBL of margarine (again, half was supposed to go for pierogies, but never made it)
  • Trader Joe's Gochujang sauce (not as spicy as the pure Korean stuff)
  • House of Tsang Classic Sauce (soy sauce, garlic, sherry & onion)
  • pepper/garlic dry spice blend
  • 1 lb of baby Yukon, all cut in half

PS added this evening: I just heated up a bowl and think it's even better after the potatoes have had a chance to soak up flavors. To be honest, the broth is so good, I'll do the same thing next time (chicken broth, + concentrate +extra onion +other ingredients that somewhat fit the recipe criteria). For some reason, it doesn't taste as salty tonight as it did last night.
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