Another "Newbie" to This Site


Florida Panhandle greetings, everyone. I'm a great-granny who loves to cook all kinds of foods, but especially cookies and pies.

I was looking for info re roasting chicken in Reynolds Wrap (for an acquaintance) and came across the posts about problems baking with aluminum foil.

Blood tests for "heavy metals" revealed this ol' body was loaded with aluminum. I still use foil; however, I pre-wrap the vegetable, meat, etc., in parchment paper.

Yes! It's a pain, but it solved the aluminum problem.

By the way, foods that you want cooked, but not dripping with moisture (like baked potatoes) can still be wrapped with parchment. Just twist the ends of the parchment and the foil. Turn the ends up (kind of like horns). The moisture comes out the ends, and the potato isn't dripping.

Have a great day or evening, "ya'll."