If it’s too humid for Swiss meringue buttercream, what would be your back up icing?


I’m just curious because I made the standard American butter cream for years and after making the switch to Swiss meringue buttercream AB just seems really, really sweet now.

I was thinking back to the time I was tasked with making my father-in-law‘s birthday cake and had everything ready to go. I made a three layer chocolate/vanilla checkerboard cake to go with the racing car theme, but three times in a row my SMB failed to whip up. Thinking back I should’ve had a back up icing planned. Instead, I ended up going to a bakery and later throwing out those three layers of cake that were in my freezer. A bad use of everything all the way around. So would it maybe be that flour icing? I’ve never made that one before. I remember looking back at the weather and they said it was 77% humidity, so that’s my only guess is to why that icing flopped. We don’t have hot+humid here so 🤷🏻‍♀️. However, it made me realize I don’t have a back up other than standard American buttercream and cream cheese, and there must be a whole bunch of different options out there for icing that I haven’t tried. In hindsight, what would you have made as an alternative?
Both Rose Levy Beranbaum and Shirley Corriher agree on this icing for cakes that will be exposed to hot, humid weather (like an outdoor wedding): high quality white chocolate (think Lindt or Valhora), cream cheese and some butter. It is a lovely combination...the sweetness of the white chocolate works much better with cream cheese than standard powdered sugar version. It is what I use all the time now for carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, etc.