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When I was a toddler my dad owned a restaurant. He only cooked on special occasions after our move to a different life here in Fla. I had a wicked stepmother who was a terrible cook…the only thing I wish I knew how to cook that she did actually cook good was fudge and cobblers. I remember having to cook a meal for him once at age 6 but I have no memory what that was. I never had a meal my own mother made and I unfortunately never received any of my dad’s recipes. I have no talent of my own, it’s only by God’s grace. I may have been gifted with cooking genes from my dad, (his mom was a terrible cook too) his grandmother and maybe my mother and her mom's genes.

When I married I immediately began collecting and trying new recipes for just us two, which I still do to this day. I also took a gourmet cooking class, which I adored, and since then I’ve tried to cook with abounding flavor and color on a plate.

Early in our marriage my husband worked nights. I’d get home from work, cook him a nice dinner and take to him each evening. The guys he worked with couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

After many years of working my husband decided he’d let me stay home and cook rather than working long hours myself and wanting to eat out rather than cook.

I don’t know how any of you remember when you found Gail’s. I don’t remember when it was for me, but I remember it taking me 14 days to search the archives and save recipes. There are times when my low blood sugar causes brain fog….I’ve felt sad that maybe NLB left Gail’s after I couldn’t remember exactly how I’d made fruit and nut stuffing when she asked me; it was soon after that she left.

I enjoy baking the pies and cakes for special occasions for family and friends and when I worked. No one else bakes pies and they like my cakes better because I don’t use a box mix. I always find reasons to ask people for dinner so I can try new recipes on them. It’s so good to see others here that do the same thing!

One friend of ours loves spicy foods but his wife hates to cook and doesn’t like spice. So I cook special meals for him and my husband and cook something different for her. She has asked me more than once to be their personal chef. He asks my husband if he gets meals like that every day.

A neighbor asked me to be her family’s personal chef . I declined both offers.

I have other friends for dinner and her husband exclaims the meals are delicious and unique and wouldn’t his wife cook for him like that.

I don’t do anything fancy or artistic like most of you can do; or spend days on a food project. I do, though, strive for flavor.

I try to share many of our meals and homemade soup with an elderly family member. She enjoys new flavors that she’s never tasted. It’s so much fun for me to see her face when she tastes something new. She likes to stretch my soup, add to it and share it with more friends who have needs.

As of late I’ve been learning to cook somewhat differently to help my husband overcome diabetes, which we have successfully done. That’s how I came up with the raw fudge balls…we still enjoy chocolate and something sweet without fat or white flour and still have whole grains in it. We’ve both lost weight, me 53 pounds, thanks be to God.

In my search of trying new things I have over 300 cookbooks. I have intentions of using a cookbook a week, but I always find such great recipes here or in my email.

I love cats of all kind, domestic and wild and birds of prey. I also knit, cross-stitch on linen and do crazy quilting. I’ve grown orchids but now I have a vegetable and herb garden. I’ve always hated exercise but I do love Pilates.

It’s only by the grace of God that I have any talent of any kind. He is an awesome God!