NFR Total Eclipse April 2024


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There will be a total eclipse of the sun viewable in a wide swath of the US (and partial over all the US I think) on April 8th 2024. And the totality is a long duration where total--maybe 3-4 minutes if I recall. We are going to my old hometown of Troy Ohio--I made hotel reservations for the whole family. My niece and brother-in-law are there so we can also hava a fun family visit.
I just read another post about it and it mentioned Pittsburgh so I thought I'd mention it here for Marilyn--to visit Mom. We saw the one in 2017 at our beach place and it was a fun event to be a part of--with a lot of other people in a parking lot!!

Here's a good link. There is also another eclipse in October this year viewable in the west!

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I cannot advocate for this more highly. I went to Oregon to experience totality of the last one and consider it a bucket list event.

Totality is completely different than seeing an eclipse where it’s only viewable. After that I wanted to go to Mexico for this one because I’d read totality might be as long as 10 mins there. The friend that went w me to Oregon is going to her son‘s in Indiana. (I’m jealous!) If you are anywhere near where you can get to a totality location, DO IT. The temperature rapidly drops, a wind comes up, the streetlights come on, it’s sunset 360 degrees, and more. It’s a whole thing and you know why ancients thought is was the wrath of god. Go!