Oh, I love our new search engine: entered polenta...and found a bunch of Group Project recipes


ALWAYS be sure to select POST CONTENT because the default just searches the titles. The search will return a maximum of 1,000 hits.

I didn't find my old link because it was before Finer Kitchens 2005 birth, but I've such a delightful (and often sad) time seeing familiar names. CathyZ saved a bunch of Group Project recipes (I think that project was 1999 or thereabouts, so definitely on the original Gail's Swap at Epicurious. I don't know how to select just her link, but there are some wonderful recipes there.

Start at the top of the link (curious1) and scroll down...Cathy's is around the 7th entry. LOADS of great recipes, the majority of which seem to be appetizers. You can tell this woman loved to feed people.


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Marilyn, I had not looked at the Group Project for ages! Thank you for the push. I searched and found this!

That takes me back about 27 years!