Ramp Chimmichurri


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Our daughter is a huge fan of ramps and they arrived at the Farmers' Market a few weeks ago and I got some for her. This week they are still in and I am making this chimmichurri to take to the beach in a week. I may have enough to make some pickled or some jam.
Interestingly with Paul's wonderful update, when I went to post this, Cyn's recipes for compound butter (also a possibility) and other posts came up. great feature!!
I will add they are tres cher!! Last week when I went he was sold out (at 8:30AM)--a restaurant chef had cleaned him out early.

How to Use Ramp Chimichurri​

What are you going to do with this sauce?

You are going to serve this with steak (These Mexican Rib-Eyes would be great), maybe grilled or pan seared fish or seafood, possibly a roast of some kind. You are going to use it in the dressing of a pasta salad.

You are going to serve it instead of cocktail sauce for shrimp cocktail. You are going to spread just a little bit on a turkey sandwich, or add a little bit to your egg salad.

You are going to stir some into a pot of rice or risotto. You are going to add a spoonful or two to a vegetable soup. You are going to smear some under the skin of chicken pieces before roasting or grilling them


1 tablespoon fresh oregano leaves

2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves

¼ cup fresh parsley leaves

10 ramps trimmed and cut into 1 inch pieces, leaves included

1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

½ cup extra virgin olive oil or more as desired

Coarse or kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste, be liberal

Pinch red pepper flakes


Put everything into a food processor and blender and whir the hell out of it. If you want a thinner sauce, add more olive oil, or you could add a little water


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I scored ramps 2 weeks ago at our local farmer's market--made ramp pesto. Delish!


Ramps are all over my property...but as I'm still battling weeds (those damn invasive multi-flora roses) I haven't wanted to pick them. But I did uncover trillium. Not edible, but so fairy-like.



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I'll bet you still have some of that halibut to try it on.
Oh Marilyn, your fortune could be made. Do you know how much they sell for!! Call a restaurant although restaurants up there probably already can get what they need/want.
I've put them in water in the fridge (they have roots attached) and will make a couple of things today.
LOVE the trilium. When I was in HS we had to make a wild flower collection and I found trillium then. So beautiful and stately.


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OMG. I just made the recipe and it is indescribably deliccious. I weighed my ramps since they were bunched small and large and it was 4oz. cleaned--bulbs and leaves no roots.
I followed the directions exactly subbing dried oregano and thyme (1/4 the amount of fresh) and using white balsamic. It is the green creamy concoction with a VERY delicate flavor of mild garlic that lingers in your mouth. I imagine the flavors will intensify a bit when it has sat a while. Absolutely a winner for a premium product.
I have another bunch and think I will make ramp butter--or I may just whiz it up with olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays. These had the roots on so I have been able to store in fridge since Saturday with the bulbs in water and a loose plastic bag over the top
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So I finally finished up my ramps this morning. I used some--probably 6 good sized ones, leaves and bulbs with 1/2 lb. of butter to make ramp butter. Recipes I googled used a LOT more (to a pound, but still a lot, I thought).

And the rest --maybe 10 small and large I whizzed up with a holf cup of olive oil to make a cup of this and have frozen in an ice cube tray.


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And a report on actual use.
We have been at the beach for a week and had the chimmichurri on all kinds of seafood--shrimp, grouper and then finally broiled oysters. Simply delicious. All enjoyed.