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Right after Christmas, I dropped a 5 lb frozen chicken on my big toe, so was unable to walk comfortably for weeks. DH had to do the shopping. One weekend, an item on the shopping list was beef chuck. The only thing he could find was chuck short ribs...... at $15/lb!!!!!! And he bought it! So we stuck it in the freezer, and finally cooked it for Presidents' Day. I don't know whether I posted this on Gail's ever, but it's delicious. The recipe is from a South African Magazine called Your Family. Mind you, I noticed them cribbing recipes from Gourmet without attribution, so it probably came from the USA. It requires chili powder, which in South Africa means cayenne pepper. The first time, oh so many years ago, I made this with a tablespoon of cayenne, and we ate it with tears in our eyes, but it was yummy. Now I know what to use instead, and it's even more yummy.

Spicy Bean and Short Rib Stew

37.5 ml oil

1.5 kg short ribs

250g kidney beans, soaked

12.5 ml chili powder

50 ml sugar

20 ml salt

Black pepper

500g pearl onions

250 ml tomato puree

125 ml cider vinegar

12.5 ml chopped parsley

Heat the oil in a frying pan, and brown short ribs. Remove from oil and set aside. Drain beans and place with ribs in a large saucepan. Add chili powder, sugar, salt, pepper and 1.5 liters water. Place on high heat and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer covered for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Skim fat off, and stir in onions, tomato puree and cider vinegar. Simmer covered for a further hour or until beans, meat and onions are tender. Stir occasionally. Serve in warm deep platter garnished with parsley. Serves 8.

oh, I feel your pain. They're $12.99 locally--and yet you see "pasture-grazing cows" EVERYWHERE. In other words, no correlation to on-site cows and reasonable beef prices.

I first had these back in the 70's and begged the recipe from my coworker. She had made an ENTIRE ELECTRIC ROASTING PAN of them for a house full of people for a baby christening. You could probably buy a Prius for what that amount of beef short ribs would cost now.

PS: Right after I read your post, I took my company to Dupont Falls and then to Sierra Nevada Brewing for dinner. I splurged on the 6 oz beef short ribs, served over Gruyere grits and roasted Brussel sprouts. It was $32 but totally worth it since I suck at meat preparation, even after binging on duck fat french fry appetizer.

What a lovely place, and you look gorgeous! Yes, I love eating things like short ribs in restaurants, as they are such a pain to cook. Is that Ang in the picture?

Hi Lana, another Floridian here. Where abouts are you. I am in Boca. I love sharing recipes. Hope this place will pick up and become more active. I also hope I can find my way around here. lol

Hi Cookieee, welcome.

Lana, the couple in the photo is a dear highschool friend and her husband. They live in NY and are traveling to FL to visit another of our highschool friends.

I actually got to see Angie not that long ago. Her and hubby were in Asheville for a conference and Angie and I got to spend the day today. So nice to see her! We were having lunch at Laughing Seed Vegetarian restaurant.

Hi Cookieee, nice to meet you - I'm in Longwood. It would be great for this site to become more active (says she, as she takes a week to come back and reply). I'm trying to be better about posting.

I remembered you mentioning Angie, Marilyn, which is why I asked. What a great picture of her! Thanks for posting.

Hi Lana, sorry to say, I am not familiar with Longwood. (nor with this site lol). What am I doing wrong? I would appreciate your help. Maybe we can get this place really going. I love recipes and sharing them. I ran a cooking game for 10 years on the Cooking Light site. Hated to see it go.

Cookieee, Longwood is just north of Orlando. You're not doing anything wrong here. I think we're all so busy, and the site was down for a while (many thanks to Paul for all your work!), so it's hard to remember to look in here. What help do you need with the site? The links on the right-hand-side of the main page have our collected recipes from many years - we originally got together on a different site a long, long time ago,

One of the things I'm not sure about is am I posting in the wrong place. Where and how do I start a new thread. This setup is different than what I am used to. Here is where I spend most of my time. It's a Weber site for grill fans.

When you first go onto the main recipe swap page, just under your username on the right, you will see a green tab that says 'New Discussion'. Clicking on that will start a new thread. Thanks for the Weber link, DH and DSIL both love their Webers, so might be interested in it.

Thanks Lana.

The Weber site is a great place for anyone that likes to grill.

I have hundreds of recipes posted there. My name is Joan.

Hi Cookieee,

My user-ID comes from the 30 years I lived in Florida (Clearwater, Coral Gables, Gainesville, Edgewater. I also worked in Orlando.

But now, although I live in North Carolina near the Smoky Mountains, I prefer to keep my user name. It's me, here.

Hi Lana, just curious, (or nosey lol) did your DH and/or DSIL check out the Weber site yet? I think it will work with ( hope). If they do, please ask them to introduce themselves so I will know its them. There is a site for that. Hope they do. Thanks Lana.

Yes, it did work for me, and I had a quick look. I don't think either of the others has had a look yet, but I'll tell them. :)