Super Quick Naan Bread Recipe


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Hello all, just checking back in after a few weeks of being MIA. We've been back up in the BC mountains in the middle of almost nowhere, working on installing our Ikea kitchen in our guest cottage next door. Progress is a different adventure each day as we open up cabinet packages to realize there are missing parts, which we now await to arrive at the post office before we can complete cabinet assembly. Spring has somehow disappeared and we are revisiting snow flurries and cold nights, so while we await the mail, I'm entertaining myself in the kitchen. I made a quick curry the other night and found this really quick naan bread recipe that was actually quite good. I did jazz it up with some onion powder and minced garlic, you essentially only need greek yoghurt and self raising flour (or the right proportions of flour, baking powder and salt). When you're in the middle of nowhere and in a pinch, recipes with minimal ingredients is king. If interested: