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A friend is clearing out deceased relatives home and this was in box with tons of kitchen utensils. Relative died recently at age 90, so she would have been hosting parties in the 60s and 70s.

I suggested it might be a container for the uppers 💊 and downers 💊 served during that time period at home parties.

I’m probably wrong.

There was also this:

Paul host
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I'm thinking a vinegar and oil set. Maybe there was even some glass inserts that sat in the silver bulbs. The other thing is how the spatula looked after they took some of those 60s drugs.

here's an example of what I was thinking. Different style but same concept:
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Do you use it for lowering into the oil--and then releasing the piece? I assume for fish? Other?

Marg CDN

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Yes, for fish. The need to be gentle. Could be not just frying, but poaching as well. It seems they are always quite curved.

Anyone ever have fin and haddie? Poached smoked something....haddock? in milk. some of these old mom's makings are never seen again.