Is there a link to Joe's Cassoulet STORY?

looking. can you give me a few other keywords from the story? Joe really likes mentioning his cassoulet so there are a lot of results.
I remember this from cleaning up the Tried &'s under One-Dish meals. Not sure if this is the commentary you're looking for:

joe's version of Julia's cassoulet version (dead link...need superhero powers...Paul, that's your cue)

[watch out folks, I'm on my third cup of coffee...this could go on forever...]

(Paul update) This is the link to that old post:
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Joe discussing Julia's version that AnnaX tried in CA:

"Sauteed kale atop cassoulet????!!!!!! No, this is not usual, Neither is the Foie Gras.

Actually, a bit of foie gras before the cassoulet would have been traditional, but I can tell you that this was a very modern take on a traditional cassoulet. I'm all for modern takes, but I think they make more sense if you experience the time-honored version first.

A real French cassoulet would have the duck (or goose) and beans, along with sausage and either lamb or pork, all cooked to death. (or to life, for us fans) There are herbs in the preparation but no helpings of greens. It is served simply, with a salad and bread.

An interesting note: the original manuscript for Mastering the Art of French Cooking didn't contain a cassoulet recipe. Judith Jones, the editor, requested one. Simome Beck was very unhappy with Julia's translation of her recipe; she omitted the goose (or duck) confit, because it would not have been available in the states at the time. They had quite a row about it.

The recipe is only OK. Her later TV versions were better. Richard Olney's (T&T, One Pot Meals) is, in my opinion, the best."
This one has photos from a cassoulet dinner Joe made.
Only I can't see them. :cry:
It looks like most of these images were victims of the Photobucket apocalypse. I was only able to fix one of them. I even checked the Wayback Machine but that timeframe wasn't cached.
Also I found your "Adventure" series @music-city-missy
Also I found your "Adventure" series @music-city-missy
THIS is the one I was looking for - the adventure! I had my own adventure making it years ago after reading this story. I wanted to share this with a cousin that I have been picking at about them cheating by ordering the kit from D'artagnan. BTW - my adventure was in finding the pig's foot, getting it split, and cooking the broth with it - my husband had a horrible case of the flu and the smell was bad, like chitlins which I was used to from growing up but which hubby had never smelled. He loved the cassoulet so I have let him believe all these years that the stink he smelled was just that way because he was so sick. LOL